“You have found success not despite your struggles, but because of them”


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 At the top here I’ve included my results from some of my favourite self-awareness tests. I believe in the power of being open and vulnerable. So here I am, exposed in a tangible, objective manner. You can see what I am, and what I’m not.


Strengths: People Person. Outgoing and Friendly. Kind and Loving. Emotional Intelligence. Routine and Consistency.

Weaknesses: Discouraged when unable to help. Easily hurt. Struggle to be flexible and adventurous.


So you can see how I have my struggles to face, just like you do. I have discovered techniques and concepts to minimise my weaknesses and enhance my strengths, and it is that approach that I want to deliver to you all. Read on to find out about my full journey, and how I came to this understanding of myself and my mission.


My Story



I believe all of us reach a point in our lives where we look at the narrative we’ve been living to, and realise we haven’t been living our life to the fullest. When we realise this, we make the most important decision of our lives, to start creating the story that we’re meant to be a part of.


I call this moment of realisation the moment of Critical Mass. It is where we are more scared of staying the same than we are of changing. My moment of Critical Mass came at age 22, as I watched my Dad lose his fight with cancer. I stood at the doorway of dad’s hospice room, and looked back at my dad lying there on his deathbed. I realised one day that was going to be me.


One day we will all be lying on our deathbeds, and we will look back on our lives and assess whether we lived a good life. Were we a hero in our own personal stories?



Up until that point, I hadn’t been living a story that was truly me. At that doorway, I made the decision that I was going to write a very different script to the one I had been living to up until that point. I didn’t recognise it at the time, but I had made the decision to Author my Life.


From that point on, I have been helping people to change their stories of their lives, and become the heroes they were meant to be. This has been achieved through my #1 Amazon bestselling book The Last 60 Minutes, my inspirational talks and seminars, and creation of the Author Your Life Community. I have been studying psychology for 8 years now, identifying how we master ourselves and master our lives.





The Author Your Life movement is based on helping people connect with their authentic self. When we find alignment with three core principles of Consciousness, Calling and Connection, then we begin to live authentically, and enter a state of fulfilment. This is a state where we feel nothing is missing or lacking, we are “filled-full”.


If you would like to change the script you’ve been living by, or you want to help others do so, then click one of the links below, and let’s get started.


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