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There are two times in our lives when we will realise what is truly important.


During the last 60 minutes of our own lives, and watching the last 60 minutes of someone else's.


On Friday 24th July, 2015, my dad lost his fight with cancer. I sat by his bedside for the last hour of his life, and watched him slip away.


I was just 22 years old, and this event sparked a radical shift in my perspective. In those last 60 minutes, there were three vital truths about life that I learned. When I realised that this was going to be the last time I would ever speak to my Dad, there were three things I wanted to tell him:


"I'm grateful for the fantastic job you did of raising me; I'm incredibly proud to be your son; I love you Dad."


From these three statements, I recognised three principles that I wanted to live the rest of my life by: three principles that would honour my Dad's memory: Gratitude, Identity, Love.


Living by these principles can create a radical shift in your life. This book will shift your mindset and teach your strategies so that you can experience more joy, greater self-esteem and deeper connection with others. You will learn how to enhance your mood and positivity, express yourself with confidence and belief, and enjoy vibrant, exciting relationships. A happier and more meaningful life is possible for you.


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