"Our Greatest Power comes from the work we do within ourselves."

I believe at the heart of each of us is something very powerful. Sadly most of us keep it nestled away from the world. I spent decades putting on masks and keeping up personas. It was very tiring and I was unfulfilled. There was a hole inside of me that I just couldn’t fill.


Sound familiar?


I believe that each of us has a moment of Critical Mass. A moment where we are more scared of staying the same than we are of changing. The decision to make this change is vital, and it is something that comes from you. No one else can make the decision for you.


However, when we want to make a change in our lives, we have to flip our mindset and develop new strategies in order to make that change. This is where a coach is invaluable.

I want to help guide you through this transition. I know that transforming yourself and your life is a heck of a challenge. Don’t be scared to seek help to create the life you deserve. I would love to provide this help to you.


In our 1-1 sessions we will work on understanding, unlocking and unleashing your potential. We will examine your habits and routines, so that you can optimise your daily performance. We will explore self-talk and thinking patterns, so that you can find confidence and autonomy. We will delve deep into your passion and purpose, so that you can generate motivation and vision.


My coaching style is very tactical. I ensure that you leave each session with a clear set of goals to pursue. I also provide you with tools and techniques that will help you reach those goals. Most importantly, however, I help you discover your own inner tools, which are far more powerful than anything I can give you.

If you are interested in working together, I like to first do a 15 minute discovery call to ensure that we are compatible. The relationship in a coaching scenario is absolutely key, and I want you to be sure I am the right coach for you. Fill in the contact form below and we can schedule this call.

There are two coaching options available. The first is a single 60-minute session. This is useful if you have a specific concern to address of goal to work towards. Here we perform a PIES (Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual) analysis to determine possible weak points in your life. We then explore the mindset and strategy changes required to create the change you desire. You will then leave with a clear set of actionables to advance your growth and development. The investment for this session is £125.

The second option is my three-month signature coaching program. This program combines a monthly coaching session with homework, text and email support, taking you on a journey of discovery and empowerment. In this program you will reach a deep understanding of yourself, unlock numerous hidden treasures, and unleash your full, authentic self. The investment in this program is £297. You get three coaching sessions for the price of two, plus a host of extra growth material. Click below to find out more details.

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