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“You are the Author of your Life. Prepare to write a Beautiful Narrative for Yourself”

Do you know what the root of the word “Authentic” is?


It’s “Author”.


Therefore to live authentically is to be the Author of your Life.


You can write whatever script you want for your life. You can be who you want to be and do what you want to do.


In the Author Your Life Community (AYLC) you can learn the concepts and strategies that will allow you create whatever life you want for yourself. And you can share your journey with other individuals who are passionate about changing their lives.


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In this group, we focus on three principles that create a life of Fulfilment. A state of living where you are your fullest, most authentic self.


1. Consciousness
To fully align with yourself. To be in command of your psychology, to be fully confident and expressive and to be happy with who you are as a person.


2. Calling
To fully align with your work. To be using your strengths and skills to their fullest, to have a burning passion for what you do and to be serving others and creating an impact.


3. Connection
To fully align with others and the world around you. To make and maintain relationships with ease, to feel part of a wider group and community, to feel and express love fully in your life.






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AYLC is a place where people come to change their stories. I believe all of us reach a point in our lives where we look at the narrative we’ve been living to, and realise we haven’t been living our life to the fullest. When we realise this, we make the most important decision of our lives, to start creating the story that we’re meant to be a part of.


With this decision comes a heap of new challenges and obstacles. This process is not easy. But know that this change is possible. You have the pen in your hand, and blank pages ahead of you, and you can write whatever script you want for yourself from this point on.

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If you are struggling, distracted, frustrated, demotivated, scared or alone on this journey, then know that AYLC is a place where you can come to learn and grow with other individuals who are on the same journey you are, who have the same struggles you do, and share the same values and passions you do.


We have a free facebook group where you can join other people just like you. People who want to change their stories, and become the hero of a new tale. Click the button below to join us there.


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We also have an advanced training group, watch the video below to learn more about this group. I would love to spend time with you in both of our groups.