"The Highest Form of Living is Living a Life of Service"

I believe our current education system is serving us poorly. In the last 150 years we have made huge advances in technology and innovation, medicine and psychology, human rights and freedom of information. What has barely changed in that period is our education system. The system is still designed to produce workers and academics. It does not teach us how to master ourselves, how to find our purpose, and how to connect with others.


My work is focused on providing the education we never had at school. We weren't taught about our minds and the way they work, and now we see soaring rates of anxiety, depression, stress and burnout. We weren't taught how to cultivate our strengths and follow our passions, so we find many people stuck in jobs they despise, chasing material wealth and searching for meaning in their lives. We weren't taught how to relate to one another, and you can see the conflict that is rife in our world because of this: divorce, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, racism, religious war.


I believe that all of these problems we see in the world are the result of bad education, and in my work I seek to provide the education that people never had.


Chevonne: “The best personal development work shop I've attended…you're world class David WORLD CLASS” -


Daniel: "You've influenced me more than I'll ever be able to explain David. Thank You."


Matt: “I feel I have grown as a person. For that I thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of your speaking ability, clear and composed."


Anonymous: “It was brilliant! I can´t stop speaking about you and all things I improve it! (sic) THANKS”


Mandy: “I did not expect to learn so many things in just one day.”


Jen: “Keep spreading your passion and awesomeness.”


Anonymous: “You were really inspirational and I feel motivated to make some changes.”


William: “The way you don’t overcrowd or overcomplicate the message is a real strength. Your ability to do that length of talk without notes was impressive. Your delivery was unique.”


In my work, I help individuals transcend to a state of being I call the Fulfilled Life. This is when we are connected with our mind, mission and other people. I teach people about the phenomenal power of their brains, and how they change and create their circumstances through the power of their mind. I guide others to employ their skills and qualities to engage with their life's mission and make a meaningful impact on the world around them. I empower individuals to express their authentic self and form deeper relationships with the people around them.


I believe that each of us have incredible untapped potential within us. With my teaching, I inspire people to fulfill this potential. My teaching is engaging and energising, shifting students into a completely different state of mind. I motivate and inspire others to take command of their lives, and provide them with the tools and strategies in which to do so. I enable people to radically shift their perspectives on what they think is possible for their lives.




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If you represent an organisation and would like to book me as a speaker, I can offer training in one of three areas: 


Consciousness: Psychology and Mindset to improve mental health and wellbeing

Calling: Identity and Self-awareness to improve motivation and performance

Connection: Communication and relationship building skills to improve teamwork and customer relations


My hourly rate is £125 plus travel. Discounts can be discussed for Bulk Bookings. If you would like to find out more information and discuss how I can best serve your company, please contact me via: davidmccrae@davidmccrae-pdt.com.